Chemical of the moment

zinc oxide
skin ptotectant, diaper rash cream, calamine lotion, heat conductive paste (computers)

Chemistry Naturewalk


Trying to make a permanent record of my lifetime hobby of chemistry demonstrations ,  and the connections they illustrate everywhere in the everyday world.  Similar sentiment was shared by chemical hero Michael Faraday and most wonderfully demonstrated during a series of Christmas lectures to young students.

" wonderful are the varieties of outlet which it offers to the various departments of philosophy.  There is not a law under which any part of this universe is governed which does not come into play and is touched upon in these phenomena.  There is no better, there is no more open door by which you can enter into the study of natural philosophy than by considering the physical phenomenal of a candle.  I trust, therefore, I shall not disappoint you in choosing this for my subject rather than any newer topic, which could not be better, were it even so good."   

Michael Faraday. - The Chemical History of a Candle